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                  One Of A Kind Gun Racks
On this page, you'll occasionally find unique one of a kind gun racks. Because of either the labor hours involved in making these racks, or the difficulty involved in the build or finish, these racks are classified as 1 of a kinds. Because of this, I cannot offer them in any other size or on any regular basis. 

   16 Gun Double Greystone Rack With Dual Padded Accessory Storage
A unique one of a kind Greystone Handgun Storage System that offers the ability to safely store and organize 16 handguns and accessories. Dual level with two padded accessory storage areas built in allows ease of access of the handguns and their accessories in one compact location. 
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SOLD, CURRENTLY NO LONGER AVAILABLE           Measures 18.5" H x 20" W x 10" D.                  Click To Enlarge

     7 Gun Black Slate Handgun Rack With Padded Accessory Storage
This one of a kind black slate handgun rack with padded accessory storage is already built and ready to ship. It measures 17-5/8" W x 7" H.
7 Gun Black Slate Handgun Rack
With Padded Accessory Storage  
Measures 17/58" W x 7" H

                     Gun Safe Accessories

                                 12" Motion Activated LED Light Bars (2-Pack)
                                                    26 High Intensity LED Lights
* Unique pivot hinge mounting system allows bar to rotate 90 degrees for perfect light distribution
* Easy two screw mounting installation for each light bar.
* Motion sensor 16' range, also rotates 90 degrees for ease of detecting motion of door opening
* In Auto mode, automatically turns on when door opens, continues on while detecting motion.
* Turns off automatically 1 minute after door is closed.
* 6 Duracell alkaline batteries, 3 for each light bar included. 
* Each Light Bar measures 12" L x 1.5" W x 3/4" D,
* Slim profile allows for ease of concealed installation behind door frame of safe opening.

                                     Digital Humidity & Temperature Monitor
Looking for help in managing and monitoring the moisture level in your safe, a 24/7 monitor is the only way to know whats really going on in there. This compact display units make it easy with 
large digital read outs. It's sleek, compact design also provides daily at a glance temperature and humidity highs and lows  with the push of a button. It will fit just about anywhere in the safe and will continuously run for over two years on one AA battery.
*Memory function to recall min/max humidity & temperature     *Displays inside safe temperature in "F
*Flip out stand for shelf or magnet for placement on metal         *Dimiensions: 2.25" x 3" x .62"
*Power Requirements: 1 x AA (not included)

The E-333 Mini Dehumidifier has been design to adsorb moisture from small enclosed areas. It will help protect valuables from the damaging effects of mold, mildew, rust and corrosion. They are 100% renewable and needs no power to operate. Just hang the eva-dry unit in a safe, or you can place it in other small enclosed spaces, and it will start to adsorb moisture. There are no batteries required or cords to plug in, the unit works without power and will last for 10 years. There is an indicator window with special "moisture meter crystals" that change from blue (when dry) to pink (when wet) to indicate when the unit needs to be "re-newed". Just plug it into a power outlet overnight to recharge it and its good to go for a month or two. The unit will adsorb approximately 8 to 10 ounces of moisture (depending on humidity levels this should take between 4 - 8 weeks). Once the moisture has been adsorbed it cannot leak or spill. This unit uses a specialized engineered crystallized silica gel that is odorless, non-toxic and completely safe. Because of it small compact size, 6" X 2" x 5" its become popular and Ideal for use in gun safes.
SPILL & MESS FREE                                                 NON TOXIC, CHILD & PET SAFE
Dehumidifier Model # E-333 

        Optimum humidity & temperature levels in a gun safe
The humidity of air is influenced in part by temperature, in that the higher the temperature, the higher the capacity for water vapor. Condensation due to temperature changes and a lack of airflow also need to be taken into consideration. Maintaining a constant temperature will go a long way in combating condensation build up. A good optimal humidity level in a gun safe is between 45% to 50%. Too low or dry in a safe and the wood grips and stocks on firearms could dry out and cracking can occur. Too high and of course rust and corrosion will occur on the metal parts of the firearms. One of the ways to help control the temperature in the safe is by the location of the safe. Some like to store their safes in a garage, unless the garage is climate controlled, the fluctuations in temperature make this a bad idea. If you live in a warmer area of the country, an air conditioned home will make it much easier to maintain a humidity level of around 45% to 50% in the safe, even at 100% humidity levels outside. Most modern air conditioning systems act as dehumidifiers and lowers the humidity levels indoors. Another good idea is to install Palusol heat activated seal strip or EDPM rubber weather strip around the interior of the door frame, creating a nice tight seal. Humidity rods, incandesant light bulbs, & dehumidifiers are great ways to control the environment in a safe, but those require electrical power to the safe. Some locations in a home, such as a closet, can make it difficult to wire a safe because of a lack of power and space or both. Above are some innovative cordless solutions to help solve some of those issues.


                                            The Ultimate Handgun Storage System


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